Or, Why I’ve Decided to Try to Earn Money with My Blog

I’ve made the decision to try to use this hobby site to earn a little money.  The main way I’m going to try is through affiliate links.  An ‘affiliate link’ is a user-specific link to a product or service that when clicked earns the user (in this case, me) a portion of the sale. A little bit can add up over time.

I have chosen to include affiliate links on this site for a couple of reasons.  The first is so that there is some compensation for the expenses and time I have put into creating it.  The URL, hosting, and apps have added up pretty quickly.

The second reason is that I hope this little hobby can compensate me in ways beyond just providing a space for reflection (which is pretty amazing, by the way). I hope to earn enough to take an annual birthday trip to Kripalu.  That would be lovely.  So if you’re going to purchase anything I recommend (and I’ll only link to things I truly recommend), and you’re not opposed to my use of affiliate links, please go right ahead.  Thanks!