About Me

Hey.  My name is Emily.

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And I started this blog to share my zest for life with you.  The world is filled with wonders and I’m easily inspired. And it’s even more exciting when I get to tell people about all the amazing discoveries I’ve made!

It’s my hope that sharing my stories — of personal growth, all things food, great (and not-so-great) books, and following my curiosity, living the good life and all the struggles along the way  — may in some way enrich your journey.  Mostly though, I’ve just always wanted to do this.  And it’s time.

I’m a Green Mountain mama, living in a (mostly) passive solar home nestled on the spine of the Green Mountains, with my husband, three ginger babies, four fifteen six chickens, one cat, one dog, and assorted other Wild Things.  I’m also an educator with a passion for the middle grades and education for sustainability.  Read more about my education work here and here.

Thanks for visiting.

UPDATE:  I still have a zest for life, the world is still full of wonders, and I remain easily inspired.  However, I’ve recently had a life-altering reckoning.  After a couple of decades of being an “environmentalist” living a “normal life” I’ve peered into the future and into climate science.  The future looks very grim, indeed.  We find ourselves, I fear, at the end of the Anthropocene.  I am channeling my angst, longing, and musings here.

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