Why I am back on (select) social media

For the record, I still think social media is insidious. To quote my dad, “Facebook is a cesspool.” But something interesting happened: when I quit Instagram, I stopped taking photos.

And even more importantly, I stopped pausing to notice the beautiful moments.

I realized that Instagram, in all its nefarious imperfection, was part of my gratitude practice. And in ditching it, I had inadvertently also abandoned noticing all that I appreciate and love about my life. Even during a pandemic. Especially during a pandemic.

So last month I returned to IG. I still spend too much time scrolling. But I also now spend time stopping to notice the flawsome beauty I am so fortunate to walk with and through each day. And, to quote a famous poet who spent time in these same woods, “that has made all the difference.” (Robert Frost, y’all.)

I also spent some time thinking about how I needed to make a public statement right away to defend my decision since I’d made such a public declaration of my exit. But then I thought some more and decided that I didn’t owe shit to anyone, and I can change my damn mind whenever I want. So I didn’t. And now I am. Whatever.

Come find me on IG over here: https://www.instagram.com/grnmountainmama/

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