The Rebellion needs you

You’ve noticed I’ve gone hardcore lately into the climate panic

You know it’s a big deal too. But are you curious what I’ve learned? Because I’m kind of wondering why you haven’t asked. Why you’re not freaking out alongside me.

My people, YOU are really smart, intelligent, critical thinkers. I am too.

Do you see what I see? If not, can I show you?

If you are just afraid of facing it, please don’t be

I need you by my side in this fight. We are facing terrible, irreversible things, soon, and some of the news gets worse every day.

But there is also some sort of hope here. And if you, YOU, my people…

If you’re next to me, at least we’ll be facing it together


It’s heavy

Shame, judgement, and guilt have no place here.  We were born into this broken broken system. Everything is set up to function just as it does, and it yields the same result every time.

And we are so busy just getting through our days. How do we make time for activism? For more meetings?  For more things on our To Do list?

And the emotional weight of all of this.  It’s crushing.

I get it.

But everything depends on what we do in this moment

I feel like I’m carrying existential threat everywhere, and those I love and breathe with daily seem unaware. That scares me more sometimes than the science.

How can we be facing this and yet going about business as usual?

And I know some of the reasons why. I really get it.

But I’m scared too. And sometimes I feel so isolated, like Chicken Little. So I just want to share what I know, where I am, so that maybe some of you will stand next to me and we can make apocalypse jokes together and I’ll know you really get it.

If we stay on this path, our destination is clear

I have always known that climate change is a problem.  That we are destroying our own home.

But it’s much, much worse than I thought.

I have learned that it takes 10+ years for CO2’s warming effect to kick in, and that 22% of emissions have happened since 2009, so we haven’t even begun to feel those effects yet.

We have already locked in ~2°C of future warming, which we aren’t even feeling yet. And the catastrophes get worse and more frequent the warmer it gets.

There are also mechanisms (feedback loops) which exacerbate warming, and at some point we could essentially trigger warming that we couldn’t stop by stopping emissions-

…the Earth would take over, warming itself

And the Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change reports are both terrifying and super cautious- they predict a best case scenario… And have vastly underestimated the timeline. Every time.

We have very, very little time left to make the policy changes that could mitigate the worst predictions…maybe.


And global emissions are climbing every year, every week, every day

We are actively moving in the wrong direction.  Away from the safest and healthiest future we can provide for our children and grandchildren.

So now what.

Climate activism has become a full time vocation

I wake each more before the sun and read the news. I’ve immersed myself in the current science and conversations since May. There’s plenty of media coverage if you look for it. But it’s grim. So people scroll by.

And the news gets worse every week. Most of it, at least.

But there are some celebrations, too:


And those celebrations come when we rise up and take action

My family has joined the Extinction Rebellion.  We spend Sundays as activists, gathering, creating, strategizing for hope.

We have committed to changing our lifestyle to move toward Net Zero emissions as quickly as we can. We’re middle class, we can use that privilege to make this happen.

Just some little and big things.


But we have so little time left

The clock is running out on making the kind of changes we need to avert the worst disasters- and ultimately the possibility of creating a climate inhospitable to human life- possibly in the lifetime of my children.

We are our only hope

Now is our moment.  Us.  YOU and me. We have to fight like hell!

So we ALL need to become activists.

Join me.

This art used with permission from HarrytheGirl.


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