Seasons of Self

IMG_0929-COLLAGEI think I’m recognizing that I live my life in seasons.  

Just like I anticipate and love each coming season because I need a change and I love the new world that each one brings, my energy, activity, and lifestyle ebbs and flows.  I have active, engaged, energized seasons, I have lazy, laid back seasons. (I have cranky Hate All the Things seasons.) I have Reading All the Books seasons, and TV Binge Watching seasons.  I have exercise and movement seasons and seasons of conserving energy. I have super healthy eating seasons and eating all the potato chips seasons.

I cycle through habits or ideas and love them when it’s their season but then their season changes.  Sometimes I get a little lost when the season changes and I didn’t anticipate it coming.

So for example, this summer I ditched movement, and by late August, with a lot of factors at play, I was a crabby cranky mess for two weeks.  Partly hormonal, to be sure. But as the literal season turns the corner, I’m revved up and energized again to get organized and get on my game- both organizationally and self-care wise.  

Maybe my seasons are in a bit of reverse- ecological fall and spring are both seasons of energy for me, times of transition, but winter is a time when maybe I’m more active (skiing, walking) to stay warm and alive, and summer is a quieter time (reading, hammock, floating) because it’s’ so damn hot.  My novice mind recognizes a bit of Ayurvedic wisdom perhaps? Balance my body energy to survive the environment?

My new insight is that I need to recognize the season I’m in as a season and know that the winds will change at some point. That it’s ok.  

At the same time, I am recognizing that I need some foundational habits in place to feel well, and so I need to make sure each season has something that will keep me balanced in that regard.  

I need quiet time, movement, and nourishing food. I need family harmony and organization. Nothing has to be perfect, but it can’t be all or nothing either. Drop any of the balls and things will come unbalanced.

Happy new season! Here’s to #allorsomething!

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