How Not to Survive on PopTarts in College (Spoiler: Listen to this Podcast!)

So recently I shared with you some of my favorite podcasts. Now I have another one to share: mine! I made a podcast! Well, kind of mine. I am so lucky to work for the amazing Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education, and Episode 33 of the 21st Century Classroom features me and my former students talking about all things Farm to School! (And a quick shout-out to my amazing colleague Audrey, who took my rough, rough cut and made it sound pretty!)

Listen to it here! Or find it on iTunes.  (You may want to check out our other episodes, too, because while they don’t feature me, they do feature amazing kids and educators doing some really cool stuff!)

What is Farm to School you wonder?  Well, take a listen.  The kids and I will explain everything!

This kid definitely won’t be eating PopTarts when she grows up.  She’s already mastered the spring roll and fruit salad!

I’ve talked before about the struggles I’ve had feeding my own kids (or, rather, getting them to eat nutrient dense food), so I’m especially grateful to the Farm to School movement, and the school nutrition professionals (you may know them as lunch ladies) who work hard to feed our kids well.

I hope you enjoy this little podcast.  If you do, let me know in the comments!



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