Why I Only Wear Darn Tough Socks

Please excuse the dog hair.

In Vermont, it’s sock weather for at least 8 months of the year. Socks are serious business. And wool socks are not overdoing things in the least.

About 10 years ago I was reintroduced to wool socks.  These aren’t the thick, itchy heather gray wool socks of the past. They are soft, cozy, and available in a fantastic array of sizes, colors, and heights.

The first brand-who-shall-not-be-named I bought were cute and warm, as hoped. But they lacked seriously in durability. Luckily the company offered a lifetime guarantee, so I was able to return the worn pairs for replacements. Sadly, those didn’t last long either.

Enter Darn Tough.

I am always thrilled to support a local company.  And their ‘unconditionally guaranteed for life’ warranty made the somewhat hefty price tag (~$20/pair) bearable.  But you know what? I’ve been wearing my first couple pairs weekly, 8 months a year, for about 8 years And. They. Still. Haven’t. Worn. Out.  When you make a product this durable, it’s easy to make such a sweet offer.

IMG_20180302_173200892 (1)
See that dog in her nook under the stairs?  She’s responsible for the dog hair in the other photo.

I now have a sufficient supply to last at least a week, so I’m not on the market.  But I purchased most of my pairs from Socks Addict. They often have great sales, so be sure to sign up for their email list.

What are your favorite socks?

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